« Form is substance that rises to the surface. » Victor Hugo

Partner of your events

When ‘short-lived’ leaves a mark

Partner of the biggest French agencies but also of customers who manage their own events, DB&A works on matching the substance with the form that best reveals it.
Collaborative workshops or fun learning, corporate theatre, the ability to tell a story, scripted plenary sessions supporting the impact of the message: those have become the new vectors of an inspiring communication.


Coaching the speakers

Combining the theatrical journey with the ability to build a strong story line have allowed DB&A to successfully coach hundreds of speakers.

David Bitton, host

David Bitton hosts many seminars and conventions with a real capacity to highlight the speakers: when it comes to getting down to business without taking yourself seriously. Just ask PPR, Pfizer, DHL, GMF, STIF or Swiss Life, among others…

Interactive animation of thematic plenary sessions:

An original format: tackle the subjects of communication through contributions and playful interactions with the audience.

  • Actor of your conviction: the keys of speaking in public, according to Harvard
  • Acting for adherence or how to change others without asking them to change?
  • The key to group or team motivation
  • Manager / Stage Director
  • Creativity: operating instructions

Team building plenary Session

In few points:

  • All on stage -> Write and rehearse scenes in a workshop. Act them out during the final plenary show.
  • All in chorus -> Create a song in several voices... led by a conductor
  • All in rhythm -> Create a musical group
  • All in sync -> Write and dub extracts from well-known TV series or commercials on a theme chosen in the workshop. Present the dubbed movies in plenary session

Business Theatre

A common objective: to generate enthusiasm and adhesion

A specific DB&A feature: through humor or emotion, directing the actors of the company has become a pleasure
  • Writing skits and short business stories.
  • Casting and using actors for corporate films, parodies, or sketches.
  • Creating an original scene specifically designed for an event mixing actors and collaborators.
« When I first heard of business theatre... »
« When I first heard of business theatre, I found the idea preposterous and inappropriate... I have to admit that through my artistic collaboration with DB&A, the confrontation of the business world and theatre brings particularly interesting benefits. Directing business actors reveals personalities, emotions and real people. »
Jean-Luc Moreau


Event Training workshops

Animés par des comédiens, des ateliers sont déclinés des formations dans un esprit de prise de conscience ludique et participative.

Theatre  - Commedia Dell’arte  - Improvisation Impulse  - Voice  - Trailer  - Posture d’écoute  - etc...

artistic team-buildings


like a theatre class: 2 to 3 hours to put together one or two sketches per group - all the sketches are performed during the final plenary show

The Commedia Dell Arte

Games of masks to recognize others beyond words

Improvisation Inpulse

Take the lead, listen to and connect to others


Optimize your voice without draining it and make it more impactful: a vocal technique workshop with possible recording studio work.


Use the iPad to create the trailer for your own story together: BU, team, company, new product, etc.

DB&A Prez

An image has the right to tell all, but not to cut you off.

Video Phase B

Our partner, Video Phase B: movies that go beyond image. What if the interviewees just spoke? What if the message actually reached your audience?